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Web Design World 2008

Web Design World Seattle is more than just an incredible opportunity to gain insight and interact with some of the hottest designers / developers in the web industry — it’s a new Web Design World. Every session has been updated for 2008, and most sessions are brand new. Learn about the topics you need to know about today. Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, and rich interface design. Usability, e-commerce design, and search engine optimization. Mashups, blogs, and social networking. And a full-day workshop on Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

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SilverStripe, CMS open source e AJAX

  • Simple. Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Flexible coding framework (MVC)
  • Scalable. From 1 page to a million
  • Standards Compliant. Fully XHTML compliant
  • Modular. Easy to extend
  • Template Freedom. No restrictions on the look and feel of your site
  • Open source. It’s free (BSD) and you can contribute to the project
  • Cross platform. (Windows/Linux/Mac) and easy to install (PHP based)
  • Supported. Professionally backed by the developers

Da provare: http://www.silverstripe.com/

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iUnlock: free software per sbloccare iPhone

iPhone è defintivamente libero: è stato diffuso online iUnlock, software gratuito che consente di sbloccare iPhone per poi utilizzarlo con operatori telefonici diversi da quello ufficiale, l’americana AT&T che aveva la licenza in esclusiva.

Ecco come spiega la novità Enrico Lotti di Applemania:

Il software si chiama iUnlock ed elimina il SIM-locking dell’iPhone di Apple, permettendo l’uso con qualsiasi schedina SIM di un altro operatore GSM diverso da AT&T (negli USA ciò significa soltanto T_Mobile, ma in Europa la scelta sarà più ampia).

Fonte: http://hightech.blogosfere.it/