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Pagerank list

PageRank 10 Currently 12 domains – Google, the most popular Internet search engine, and the one that assigns this PageRank we’re rambling on about. – World Wide Web …

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PageRank 10

Currently 12 domains – Google, the most popular Internet search engine, and the one that assigns this PageRank we’re rambling on about. – World Wide Web Consortium, the organization behind most web specifications like HTML, CSS and so on. (CSS validator) – The U.S. Government’s official web portal. – The main domain is no longer PR10, but these two pages are: (Adobe Flash Player) (Adobe PDF Reader) – Government of India – United States Department of Health and Human Services – U.S Government recovery board – The European Library – searches the content of European national libraries. – Europeana – “The cultural collections of Europe”. – Cable News Network, American television news channel – Ministry of Information Industry Records in China – AddThis bookmarking/sharing service – this page is linked to by every page using the system (as used to be), hence the PR10.

PageRank 9

Currently 148 domains – American Association for the Advancement of Science – Association for Computing Machinery – AltaVista, search engine –, shopping site – America Online, portal – American Physical Society – Internet Archive – University of Arizona – e-print archive – Arizona State University – Barnes & Noble, bookseller – British Broadcasting Corporation – University of California, Berkeley – Blogger, a weblog publishing tool – Bloglines, web-based news aggregator – Brown University – Boston University – Cambridge University – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – CERN – Carnegie Mellon University – Cnet, technology portal – Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique – Cisco Systems – University of Colorado at Boulder – Columbia University – IEEE Computer Society – U.S. Copyright Office – Cornell University – Creative Commons – Debian, open-source operating system – Department of Health and Human Services – Department of Homeland Security – U.S. Department of the Interior – Duke University – EBay, auction site – news site – Elsevier, publisher of scientific and medical literature – Energy Star – Environmental Protection Agency – ETH Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – science news site – Excite, portal – Expedia, online travel agency – Flickr, remote image hosting site – Freshmeat, cross-platform software directory – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – GameSpot – GNU Project – Google, UK version; several other versions are PR9 too, including French and Japanese versions – unified site for interaction between grant applicants and the U.S. federal agencies that manage grant funds – Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA – Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel – U.S. House of Representatives – Hewlett-Packard – Information on web authoring – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Internet Engineering Task Force – Institute of International Education – Internet Movie Database – Indiana University system – INRIA, French national research institution – Intel Corporation – Internet2 – Institute of Medicine – photo album software – Java programming language – Johns Hopkins University – Linux Operating System – Library of Congress
MamboServer – Mambo, open-source PHP content management system – MapQuest – Mozilla, open-source internet tools –, portal –, portal – Michigan State University – MySQL, open-source database engine – National Academies Press – National Academy of Sciences – Science, Engineering and Medicine research – Nature Publishing Group – Netscape, portal – New York Times, news site – National Institutes of Health – National Institute of Standards and Technology – National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration – National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Currency conversion site – open source – Opera Software, web browser for desktop and mobile devices – Oracle Corporation, software company – O’reilly, computer bookseller – Oak Ridge National Laboratory – University of Oxford – Public Broadcasting Station – Perl, scripting language – PHP, web scripting language – phpBB, open-source PHP bulletin board system – University of Pittsburgh – Plone, open source content management system – Princeton University – PrivacyMark System, Japan – Pennsylvania State University – Python Programming Language – RSS software for Mac – RealNetworks – RealPlayer audio/video software – Red Hat – portal for federal rulemaking – Rutgers University – Science Magazine – Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – U.S. Senate – Smithsonian Institution – Slashdot, technology news site
SourceForge.Net – Sourceforge, a directory of open-source development projects – Stanford University, California, USA – U.S. Department of State – Texas portal – Sun Microsystems – web privacy organisation – University of California, Irvine – University College London – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – University of Maryland, College Park – University of Michigan – University of Minnesota – United Nations – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – University of Pennsylvania – University of Southern California – U.S. Department of Agriculture – U.S. Geological Survey – University of Texas at Austin – University of Toronto – VeriSign – University of Virginia – World Wide Web Virtual Library – University of Washington – Web Standards Project – World Health Organization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (English version) – (redirect) Microsoft’s audio/video player – WinZip, commercial archive utility – University of Wisconsin – WordPress, open-source PHP blog script – Yahoo!, portal – Yale University


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