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[Web Design]

Flash CMS

Sto cercando un gestore di contenuti di siti FLASH.

Mi sono imbattuto in questo:

I sui dettagli:

  • Editor loads from external flash .swf movie – loads fast, easy to use and doesn’t add file size to your movies!
  • Works in all flash versions from > 5.
  • Works in all Actionscript versions.
  • Editor reads all textareas and writes content to textfiles with included "save" -function.
  • Text field content can be toggled between HTML markup and normal text for complete control of your content  
  • Customizable tooltips for language and usage  
  • Extended features  
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG style text editing 
  • Own memory for loading, saving and storing your content 
  • Unlimited ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ options   
  • Fully skinnable! Please ask a source .fla for this via email
  • Can be dynamically attached to text fields at runtime     
  • Direct editing of links

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