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jQuery Resources – 8 essential sites

Fonte: http://www.webdevlounge.com/articles/jquery_resources/

1. The official site – always a great place to start, documentation, downloads – your first stop.

2. WebDesignerWall – a great little hands on practical, tutorial/resource. 

3. Coda-Slider – a jQuery version of Panic Coda’s page slider. Extremely useful for portfolios, to slide projects in and out at the click of a button.

4. jQuery Lightbox – everybody loves the lightbox effect. This jQuery plugin takes lightbox and adds some very smooth transitions between images – great for image galleries. 

5. Digital Web Crash Course – for people who want to know the workings of jQuery in order to create their own functions, this crash course is essential.

6. Specky Boy Collection – this is a really in-depth collection of links to various jQuery tutorials.

7. jQuery for designers – a web blog completely dedicated to jQuery tutorials, tips and tricks.  

8. Noupe.com – this web development blog has a HUGE collection of advice and plugins for jQuery. The post you are linked to also contains links to 2 other posts – almost 90 different tutorials!

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